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Wally Wood, Disneyland Orgy, 1967.

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The Flying Burrito Brothers

probably GP’s best song, vocally. his range in Hot Burrito #1 is incredibly diverse and complex. 

Idgaf im wearing shorts to work today


Someone took a candid photo of a fight in Ukranian Parliament that is as well-composed as the best renaissance art.

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"Ice Cream" by Louis C.K.

the way you said it made me cringe. made it hard for me to keep talking to you. made me want to apologize. why should i feel the need to apologize?? because i invited you. that alone says i spend time with people like you. i don’t. that’s why i felt so blindsided and dirty. let down and disappointed. 


I don’t want to hear a love song

I got on this airplane just to fly

And I know there’s life below

But all that it can show me

Is the prairie and the sky

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